Control the Air Moving Into and Out of Your Home

Trust us for HVAC and dryer vent cleaning services in Athens, TN

Your ductwork and vents can hold all kinds of allergens, including lint, dust, pet hair and dander. If you want to breathe comfortably without inhaling all those contaminants, get help from Lionheart Inspections and Renovations. We offer dryer vent cleaning services in addition to our full range of HVAC services. Whether you need a new AC unit, or you'd like a professional to clean out your vents, we've got you covered.

Call 618-340-6555 now to arrange for dryer vent cleaning services in Athens, TN. Our cleaning services run at a flat rate of $100.

The benefits of updating your system

Is your HVAC system starting to run out of steam? With our AC or furnace installation services, you can:

  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Improve the air quality in your home
  • Stay comfortable no matter the temperature

Your new unit will run efficiently and keep your home at the right temperature. If you need furnace installation services, reach out to us now. We also offer HVAC repair services.