What is your service area?

Service area is from Chattanooga all the way to Knoxville Tennessee

Do you offer free quotes?

I do offer free quotes with new customers

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

We like to meet in person and require half down

What should I think about when asking about a remodel?

What should be thought about on remodels is design style interior design product

How long will my remodel take?

A remodel, depending on what is being remodeled. Depends on the timeline. Also depends on what we might run into once we get into it. It can take anywhere from a week to month

How can I give my space a new look without completely remodeling it?

You can always do a facelift on your home, new paint lights, Fossetts countertops, flooring

How should I prepare for a kitchen cabinet refacing project?

Preparing for kitchen cabinet, or any remodel in general, is to remove everything from the area lay down floor covering unless floors need to be redone plastic and tape off area to prepare for dust and any other work that may be done, possibly dumpster if needed for old product to go to waste

If I do decide to completely remodel my space, what decisions are involved in this?

If you decide to do a complete remodel, always to keep in mind, the interior design structural design that you want types of colors, and products that you want in that area