A Note From the Owner Anthony:

We have been in business for two years now.

Lionheart is the meaning of my last name and is family owned. What makes our company stand out is that we try to be comparable in our prices and if we can get the price any lower to fit a person's needs, we always will. I have many years of experience in all fields I started out doing the stuff in Montana worked my way up doing construction of all kinds, including plumbing, heating and cooling. Kind of a jack of all trades. I even worked in the oil field and built cell phone towers. Then I became a masonry for some years out in Montana. It was very hard to get consistent work so I went out to St. Louis with my children. I've been a single father for 10 years and I went back to college for aircraft, maintenance and technology, where I learned and was certified by the FAA to do heating cooling, plumbing electrical plus building very fancy plains inside cabinetry you name it and with a construction background I put that to use.

We want to bring families a wholesome experience to not only their home when we come to do the work but also that they can feel like they're part of the Lionheart family legacy that can pass down through the generations with my family. We are involved in local charities and the community. I have kids who play sports and we value all family. Our goals at Lionheart are to make you feel like you are part of our family. We take our work very serious and understand how hard it is out in this world. Come join the Lionheart family and call us today!